Natural World

I have always had a very deep connection with the natural world.  During a work sabbatical, I drove 14,000 miles across Africa ending up with the Born Free Foundation, where I worked with baboons, tracked elephants and was part of a zebra translocation programme.   The marriage of art and nature is instinctive to me.  During the madness of our lives consumed with juggling work, family and technology, we leave little room for play, perhaps seemingly taking some of the important things for granted.  It seems to be that more and more each day, the connection between us and our planet earth drifts further and further apart.  I am hoping my botanical work helps to bridge that gap.

The complex beauty of nature has inspired me to create art out of paper.  I like to think my botanical work is transportive, meditative and uplifting, reminding us to tread carefully whilst we walk into the future of our ever changing world,  and to appreciate Mother Natures hard work and the daily challenges she faces.

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