Wikipedia: Bog wood is a material from trees that have been buried in peat bogs and preserved from decay by the acidic and anaerobic bog conditions, sometimes for hundreds or even thousands of years. The wood is usually stained brown by tannins dissolved in the acidic water. Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilisation of wood, with further stages ultimately forming jet, lignite and coal over a period of many millions of years. Bog wood may come from any tree species naturally growing near or in bogs, including, oak, pine, yew, swamp cypress and kauri.

For my elephant sculptures, I use drift wood, or bog wood to not only represent its sustainability and durability but also, the fact that each piece has had its own history, whether it was from an ancient peat bog, or had been weathered in oceans over hundreds or perhaps, even thousands of years. I find these types of wood absolutely fascinating and seem to be a perfect companion for my elephants.

These elephants are a signature design of mine. From collecting ‘anything elephant’ as a child to my work tracking elephants with the Born Free Foundation in Kenya, I have been deeply saddened by the never ending quest of poaching. I always give my elephants golden coats they deserve to give them power, allowing them the freedom to bask in their true glory.

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