This beautiful five star luxury hotel is located a stone’s throw away from Covent Garden. Great Scotland Yard is one of London’s most historic and cherished buildings, which holds more hidden stories than any other kind in London. A place where tradition and history meets modern luxury.

In 2019, Patricia was commissioned to design and create a magnificent sculpture depicting the notorious 40 Elephant Gang – an all women gang of thieves, who operated in London during the late 18th Century. The sculpture is dedicated to Diamond Annie, the one time gang leader who was, according the records, impossible to find, catch and imprison. Thankfully she was caught and served her time in prison.

The 40 Elephant sculpture is situated in the main bar of the newly opened Hyatt, Great Scotland Yard Hotel which is situated off Whitehall, Westminster, London SW1.

The process took months of painstaking calculations since the size and breadth of the space she was given defied the laws of gravity. Working with a recess of 2.5 metres and width of only 23cm, Patricia had to source exceptional pieces of drift wood that would not overhang the recess, but also be able to house 40 elephants of varying shapes and sizes. Sitting in a freezing warehouse full of drift wood sourced from the Jurassic shores of New Zealand, she spent hours sorting through literally hundreds and hundreds of drift logs looking for the perfect shapes that would fit the awkward criteria. The wood (some of the wood could be up to a 1,000 years old) were sensitively drilled together to make the main frame of the sculpture. Then came the elephants. Each of the 40 elephants is sculpted out of aluminium mesh, coated with a gold oil glaze and distressed with a mix of 24ct gold leaf and Fools Gold, to give an antiquated look. Patricia’s abstraction and signature design of the elephant depicts the strength of the upper body.

Then came sculpting the elephants. The research and long time spent observing elephant behaviour has been a hobby throughout Patricia’s life. She has travelled extensively throughout Africa, Thailand and Sri Lanka studying elephants and their relationships. Her goal was to communicate this behaviour through the 40 Elephant Gang. Drawing on her knowledge, she placed the 40 elephants in groups, in pairs, in threes and some are following each other, some chatting, some alone and some are hidden. The main attraction of the sculpture is the Queen of the pride, Alice Diamond, or Diamond Annie as she was known. Patricia has her well hidden with a coat of silver leaf, differentiating her from the others.

Please follow this link to the hotel. It is well worth a visit, if only to see all the other fascinating pieces of work on display. This hotel is soon to become one of London’s most iconic artistic attractions. Great Scotland Yard


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