In October 2018, celebrated jewellery designer, Annoushka Ducas, MBE approached Patricia inviting her to collaborate on the design of the launch of her new Beetle Collection. This comprised of exquisite pendants, rings and earrings made of a rich array of semi-precious stones and diamonds. With the collection launching in January 2019, Patricia had no time to lose and busily set to work designing the shop windows and visual merchandising for her two London flagship boutiques in Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea and South Molton Street, Mayfair: the display cabinet in Claridge’s hotel and for their newly opened boutique at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

Working alongside Annoushka’s creative and PR team, a unique and contemporary concept was born.  From giant neon edge-lit perspex beetles floating in the windows, white paper beetles running wild up the large black lacquered walls to beetles pitter pattering along the pavement and up the boutique stone steps – the concept was sure to intrigue passers by.  Patricia’s designs are highlighted within an elaborate display of bespoke paper sculptures using a layered paper technique; exquisite handmade beetle jewellery cases as well as a playful twist of an entomology display plinth using miniature paper cut beetles basking alongside the beetle jewels.

As you can see from the gallery, the overall breathtaking effect celebrated a union between fashion and contemporary art.

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